Monographs Details: Radaisia confluens N.L.Gardner
Authority: Gardner, Nathaniel L. 1927. New Myxophyceae from Porto Rico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 1-144. pl. 1-23.
Description:Species Description - Thalli more or less indefinite and confluent, 50-60 µ thick, the early stages in the development unknown; erect filaments more or less compound and branched, closely crowded and confluent, composed of 8-13 cells; gonidangia unknown; cells more or less rounded, 2.5-3.2 µ diam., purplish-violet.

Distribution and Ecology - Growing in a fountain in the woods near Maricao, no. 1076, type; in a brook near San Lorenzo, no. 498; on stones in Rio Grande, near Sabana Grande, no. 915; and in a stream near "Campo," Maricao, no. 1233.


R. confluens resembles R. epiphytica S. & G., a species growing on marine algae. Unfortunately, the material is immature, the gonidangia not showing definitely.