Monographs Details: Pleurocapsa epiphytica N.L.Gardner
Authority: Gardner, Nathaniel L. 1927. New Myxophyceae from Porto Rico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 7: 1-144. pl. 1-23.
Description:Species Description - Thallus very diminutive, 25-40 µ diam., 12-16 µ (rarely 20 µ) thick; basal portion composed of angular cells, 3.5-5 µ diam., without any definite radial arrangement, erect portion composed of short, fairly definite, unbranched filaments with cells 2.8-3.2 µ diam., and about the same in length; gonidangia all terminal and simple, 4.5-6 µ diam.; gonidia 1-1.5 µ diam.

Distribution and Ecology - Growing on Cladophora sp. in a pool about four kilometers north of Mayagüez. The only specimen of the species is no. 1323 b, type.



This is the smallest species of the genus that has been published. It has a very definite and characteristic method of developing the basal portion of the thallus. The gonidium divides into two cells, after which each elongates and divides in the plane perpendicular to the first, producing four cells of equal size. Any one or all of these four cells may divide, but usually the plane of division is radial from the center of the four. After this the dividing planes are usually in any direction perpendicular to the host, and the radial arrangement of the cells soon disappears. Divisions of the cells in the center of the thallus by planes horizontal to the host produce the erect series of cells, in this case unbranched and each series composed of three to five cells.

There is very little choice as to whether this species should be placed in the genus Pleurocapsa or Radaisia.