Monographs Details: Exogonium repandum (Jacq.) Choisy
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. Flora Borinqueña.
Description:Species Description - A high-climbing, smooth, forest or woodland vine, which may attain 10 meters in length, with a large, woody base, and is thus one of the longest vines of the Morning-glory Family. It is uncommon in Porto Rico, inhabiting wet or moist districts, mostly at lower elevations, doubtless more abundant before the forests were reduced in area; the geographic distribution of the species includes the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John, and Tortola, and the Lesser Antilles from Montserrat to Grenada. The showy, crimson, purple or scarlet flowers are attractive. We refer to our description of Exogonium arenarium for an account of the genus. Exogonium repandum (wavy-margined leaves) has various leaves, from ovate to lance-shaped, with wavy or continuous margins, or some of them 3-lobed, or 5-lobed, the apex pointed, the base rounded, or heart-shaped; they are from 5 to 16 centimeters long, with stalks from 2 to 12 centimeters long. The flowers are few, or several together, on a usually long stalk, the individual ones on stalks about 2 centimeters long, or shorter. The ovate, rounded sepals are from 6 to 8 millimeters long; the corolla is about 4 centimeters long, with 5 narrow lobes about one-fourth as long as the nearly cylindric tube. The globose-ovoid capsule, about 10 millimeters long, is tipped by the base of the style; the seeds are long-woolly.

Discussion:Bejuco colorado Forest Exogonium Morning-glory Family Ipomoea repanda Jacquin, Enumeratio Systematica Plantarum 13. 1760. Exogonium repandum Choisy, Convolvulaceae Rariores 128. 1838.