Monographs Details: Encyclia krugii (Bello) Britton & P.Wilson
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. Flora BorinqueƱa.
Description:Species Description - An epiphytic orchid, with attractive flowers, restricted in distribution to the dry, southwestern parts of Porto Rico at low elevations, growing on shrubs, and on the trunks of the palm Thrinax microcarpa. It was named by the Spanish botanist Bello in honor of Leopold Krug, for many years German Consul at Mayaguez; by subsequent authors it was regarded as not specifically different from Encyclia bifida, but Mrs. Horne's paintings of these plants showed that their flowers are different in several features, and they are here classified as distinct species. Encyclia Krugii ( in honor of Leopold Krug) has slender pseudo-bulbs from 6 to about 10 centimeters long, mostly smaller than those of Encyclia bifida. The leaves are about 25 centimeters long, or shorter, usually not over 15 millimeters wide. The flowering scape is slender, usually not forked, and not more than 1 meter long, bearing few, or several flowers with slender stalks from 6 to 20 millimeters long; the yellow sepals are about 15 millimeters long; the petals are also yellow, or greenish yellow, the lip white. The oblong capsule is 2 or 3 centimeters long.

Discussion:Consul Krug's Orchid Orchid Family Epidendrum Krugii Bello, Apuntes sobre el Flora de Puerto Rico 117. 1883. Encyclia Krugii Britton and Wilson, Scientific Survey of Porto Rico and Virgin Islands 6: 532. 1930.