Monographs Details: Macleania tenuifolia Walp.
Authority: 1847. Repert. Bot. Syst. (Walpers). 6: 415.
Discussion:Taxonomic notes in error for M. longiflora Lindley (see Yeo, 1967). In 1844 Lindley published M. longiflora (see above). In 1847 Walpers published M. tenuifolia attributing it to Lindley (1844). In 1851 Klotzsch published (in the synonymy of M. longiflora Lindl.) Macleania tenuiflora attributing it to Walpers (1847). Index Kewensis (Jackson, 1894, p. 140) attributes M. tenuiflora to Klotzsch (1851) and M. tenuifolia to Walpers (1847). As Yeo (1967) pointed out M. tenuifolia Walpers was published in error for M. longiflora Lindl., and the same can certainly be said for M. tenuiflora Klotzsch. Therefore, the only validly published name in this tortuous complex is M. longiflora Lindl. (1844), which itself is a taxonomic synonym of M. insignis M. Martens & Galeotti (1842).