Monographs Details: Bradburya pubescens (Benth.) Kuntze
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. Flora Borinqueña.
Description:Species Description - As compared with the related species Bradburya virginiana, this is a longer, somewhat stouter vine, with larger leaflets, white, or yellowish flowers, longer and wider pods. It is widely distributed through the Greater Antilles, in the Lesser Antilles from Antigua to Trinidad, and in continental tropical America, but does not range northward into the continental United States. In Porto Rico it is frequent, or occasional, in thickets, on banks or hills, at lower and middle elevations, usually in moist districts, and grows also on the island Vieques. For an account of the genus Bradburya, we refer to our description of Bradburya virginiana. Bradburya pubescens (hairy, but the vine is often nearly smooth) may reach a length of about 2 meters. The ovate, pointed stipules are 2 or 3 millimeters long; the ovate, or oblong leaflets are netted-veined, and from 4 to 7.5 centimeters long, smooth on the upper side, more or less hairy beneath, at least on the veins. The flowers are few together on stalks often longer than the leaf-stalks, they are subtended by ovate bractlets about as long as the calyx; the standard petal is from 2 to 4 centimeters long and broad, yellowish white, sometimes purple tinged. The pod is from 8 to 20 centimeters long, from 5 to 7 millimeters wide.

Discussion:Conchita amarillosa Larger Butterfly Pea Family Pea Family Centrosema pubescens Bentham, Annalen des Wiener Museums 2: 119.1838. Bradburya pubescens Kuntze, Revisio Genera Plantarum 164. 1891.