Monographs Details: Cavendishia chocoensis A.C.Sm. var. chocoensis
Authority: Luteyn, James L. 1986. New species of Ceratostema (Ericaceae: Vaccinieae) from the northern Andes. J. Arnold Arbor. 67: 485-492.
Description:Species Description - Rachis, pedicels, and calyx glabrous. Calyx hypanthium 1-1.5 mm long; lobes suberect after anthesis, glandular callose marginally and over the distal 1/3 of the lamina.

Distribution and Ecology - Known with certainty only from pluvial forest of the upper Río San Juan-upper Río Atrato region of Chocó Dept., Colombia, at elevations of 100-275 m.

Discussion:Conservation Status: Rare and endangered.