Monographs Details: Jatropha integerrima var. integerrima
Authority: Dehgan, Bijan. 2012. . Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 110: 1--274. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Jatropha hastata Jacq., Jatropha pandurifolia Andrews, Adenoropium pandurifolium (Andrews) Pohl, Jatropha pandurifolia Andrews, Jatropha pauciflora Griseb., Jatropha diversifolia var. pauciflora (C.Wright & Griseb.) M.Gómez, Jatropha tupifolia Griseb., Jatropha diversifolia var. tupifolia (Griseb.) M.Gómez, Jatropha diversifolia Griseb., Jatropha moluensis Sessé & Moc., Jatropha acuminata Desr.
Description:Species Description - Shrubs, to 5 m tall. Leaves: heteromorphic, elliptic-ovate, obovate, lyrate, or panduriform, lobed or unlobed, margins entire. Flowers: corollas rotate, dark red to scarlet.

Discussion:Local names and uses. Panabtutu, pergerina, quinciañera, and tutu. The species is one of the most important and common landscape plants in the tropics. It is cultivated from seeds and cuttings, as well as tissue culture (Sujatha & Dhingra, 1993). Despite its popularity, little has been reported on its medicinal uses. However, there are a number of reports on its chemical constituents and their potential uses for treatment of various ailments. Any discussion of the subject is beyond the scope of this monograph.

Reported artificial hybrids are Jatropha integerrima var. integerrima x J. curcas, summer 1977, B. Dehgan B72.223 (DAV); Jatropha integerrima var. integerrima x J. capensis (L. f.) Sond. 17 & 20 Apr 1970. B. Dehgan B70.133 (DAV). This second hybrid is of notable interest because the parents are a West Indian and a South African species, respectively (see Dehgan, 1984). There are also a few horticultural cultivars of J. integerrima var. integerrima in the nursery trade, such as ‘Compacta,’ ‘Peregerina,’ and ‘Ingram’s Red.’

The majority of herbarium specimens of J. integerrima are from cultivated materials and are not listed below when that is known.
Distribution:Valle Colombia South America| La Habana Cuba South America| Isla de la Juventud Cuba South America| Masaya Nicaragua Central America| Granada Nicaragua Central America| Cienfuegos Cuba South America| Matanzas Cuba South America| Piñar del Río Cuba South America| Petén Guatemala Central America| Comayagua Honduras Central America| Cortés Honduras Central America| Francisco Morazán Honduras Central America| Gracias a Dios Honduras Central America| Managua Nicaragua Central America| Chinandega Nicaragua Central America| Zelaya Nicaragua Central America| Limón Costa Rica Central America| San José Costa Rica Central America| Puntarenas Costa Rica Central America| Coclé Panamá Central America| Panamá Panama Central America| San Blás Panamá Central America| Valle del Cauca Colombia South America| Chocó Colombia South America|