Monographs Details: Jatropha excisa var. pubescens Lourteig & O'Donell
Authority: Dehgan, Bijan. 2012. . Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 110: 1--274. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Jatropha intercedens Pax, Jatropha matacensis Castell.
Description:Species Description - Shrubs, 1.5-3 m tall. Stems: with few branches, light grayish brown. Leaves: similar to those of species, mostly 3-lobed but somewhat larger, 15-18 x 9.7-13.2 cm, lobes 4-5.7 cm, pubescent on both surfaces but more densely on abaxial side. Inflorescences: bracts (1.2-)4.5—8 mm long, pubescent, peduncles and rachis longer and upright, (6-)14-16 cm long. Flowers: fragrant, sepals pubescent, petals creamy white to yellowish white, glabrous on both surfaces. Capsules: pubescent.

Discussion:Castellani (1958) described Jatropha matacensis from Matacos, Formosa, Argentina [I. Juárez 19366 (LIL)]. I have not seen any other specimen of this species, and it does not appear to have been mentioned or discussed by any author. Judging from the description and illustration, I have placed it as a synonym of J. excisa var. pubescens. However, a specimen that was collected in Nova Asuncion, Paraguay [I. M. Varek 356 (MO)] and annotated by me as J. excisa var. pubescens in 2006 was annotated as J. matacensis by Fernández Casas in 2008.
Distribution:Santa Cruz Bolivia South America| Nueva Asunción Paraguay South America| Chaco Paraguay South America| Boquerón Paraguay South America| Corrientes Argentina South America| Formosa Argentina South America| Jujuy Argentina South America| Salta Argentina South America|