Monographs Details: Cryptanthus
Authority: Smith, Lyman B. & Downs, Robert J. 1979. Bromelioideae (Bromeliaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 14 (3): 1493-2142. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Cryptanthus
Synonyms:Pholidophyllum, Madvigia, Cryptanthus bromelioides Otto & A.Dietr.
Description:Description - Small, stemless or caulescent, saxicolous or terrestrial herbs. Leaves rosulate or evenly polystichous along the stem; sheaths inconspicuous; blades narrowly triangular or slightly contracted to subpetiolate at base, spinose-serrate, often variegated. Inflorescence sessile in the center of the rosette or at the apex of the stem, compound, corymbose, subglobose; flowers polygamous in some species at least. Sepals much connate, mucronate, the posterior carinate; petals white or yellow, connate by their claws, naked, the blades spreading or reflexed, narrowly elliptic or sublanceolate; stamens exserted from the throat of the corolla at anthesis, usually highly adnate to the petals; pollen grains smooth, neither porate nor sulcate; ovary completely inferior; ovules usually few, obtuse; placentae apical or median; epigynous tube none or very shallow. Fruit small, rather dry; seeds small, flat.