Monographs Details: Senna pistaciifolia (Kunth) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. pistaciifolia
Synonyms:Cassia pistaciifolia Kunth, Chamaesenna pistaciifolia (Kunth) Britton & Killip ex Britton, Chamaesenna colombiana Britton & Killip
Description:Variety Description - Lfts either glabrous or softly pilosulous beneath; otherwise as given in varietal key. [Key: "Bracts puberulent dorsally, faintly keeled but not prominently several-nerved; lfts (3-)4-6(-7) pairs, their midrib ± depressed-sulcate ventrally, their margin subrevolute; centr. Ecuador n. through Cauca valley to n.-w. Colombia (Antioquia)."]--Collections: 7.

Distribution and Ecology - Habitat little known, to be expected in disturbed upland forest or residual thickets in formerly forested valleys, ±1200-2000 m, local in the w. Andes of Colombia, especially in the Cauca valley between Medellin and Popayan (Antioquia and Cauca), and apparently disjunct in central Andean Ecuador (Chimborazo).--Fl. X-11(-?)

Discussion:The populations in the Cauca valley that differ from the holotypic phase of Cassia pistaciifolia in having leaflets glabrous on both faces do not differ otherwise, and we cannot maintain even varietally the two species of Chamaesenna populated by Britton & Killip. The disjunct record from Ecuador (Huigra, Rose 23505) is based on plants bearing year-old pods and newly expanding, leaves, and may represent a distinct for. Rose recorded it as a shrub, with hard wood used for house-building.
Distribution:Antioquia Colombia South America| Cauca Colombia South America| Chimborazo Ecuador South America|