Monographs Details: Senna pendula var. "q" (Willd.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby
Description:Variety Description - [Key: "Lfts obovate or oblanceolate, rarely elliptic-oblanceolate, broadest above (exceptionally near) the middle; range of the whole sp. Style at and after anthesis 1.5-5 mm and the 2 long abaxial filaments 6-11 mm. Plants of the Orinoco valley in Venezuela, of the Amazonia Hylaea, of the Paraguai basin, and of coastal s.-e. Brazil. Lfts penniveined on lower face, the raised tertiary venulation, if present, weak and erratic, not forming a close, sharply defined reticulum; allopatric; seeds 2-seriate. Style only 1.5-3 mm; Amazonia s.-ward. Sepals membraneous; blade of staminodes linear-oblong or -oblanceolate, 3-4.3 X 1-1.8 mm, 2-3 times as long as wide; 2 long anthers (6.2-)7-12 mm. Plants of the Amazon basin in Brazil and Peru; either longest sepal 13-15 mm or petiolar glands several. Longest petal ±15 mm; longest sepal 10-11 mm; known only imperfectly from e. Maynas and adj. Amazonas, Peru and from upper Rio Branco in Terr. do Roraima, Brazil."]

Discussion:Known to us through J. Revilla 504 and 788 (both NY) from rio Ampiyacu in Maynas and through Kujikat 287 (MO) from rio Cenepa in Amazonas Peru and through Prance et al. 10733 (NY) from Rio Uraricoeira, Terr. do Roraima, Brazil, resembles var. tenuifolia in general habit, short style and oblanceolate staminodes, but differs in having several petiolar glands, a smaller perianth (longest petal 13-15 mm) and slender long anthers (±1.3, not 1.6-2 mm diam). More material is needed.
Distribution:Amazonas Peru South America| Roraima Brazil South America|