Monographs Details: Naucleopsis ulei subsp. puberula C.C.Berg
Authority: Berg, Cornelius C. 2001. Moreae, Artocarpeae, and (Moraceae): With introductions to the family and and with additions and corrections to Flora Neotropica Monograph 7. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 83: 1-346. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Shortened internodes sometimes present. Lamina (sparsely) puberulous to subhispidulous (and then scabridulous) on the lower surface; base cordate to rounded (to obtuse); lateral veins ca. 25-35 pairs, the lower lateral veins distinctly loop-connected; stipules 1.5-3.5 cm long, subpersistent. Staminate inflorescences with to 1.2 cm long peduncle. Free parts of the tepals of the pistillate flowers to 2.5 cm long in fruit.

Distribution:Antioquia Colombia South America| Chocó Colombia South America| Córdoba Colombia South America| Nariño Colombia South America| Limón Costa Rica Central America| Puntarenas Costa Rica Central America| Esmeraldas Ecuador South America| Coclé Panamá Central America| Colón Panamá Central America| Panamá Panama Central America| San Blás Panamá Central America|