Monographs Details: Piptocarpha oblonga subsp. lepidota (Sch.Bip.) G.Lom.Sm.
Authority: Smith, Gerald L. & Coile, Nancy C. 2007. (Compositae: Vernonieae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 99: 1--94. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Carphobolus lepidotus Sch.Bip., Piptocarpha oblonga subsp. lepidota (Sch.Bip.) G.Lom.Sm., Piptocarpha oblonga var. ovatifolia Baker, Piptocarpha oblonga var. oligocephala Baker, Piptocarpha reitziana Cabrera
Discussion:Subspecies lepidota is indistinguishable from subsp. oblonga on the basis of inflorescence and leaf morphologies. It is distinguished from subsp. oblonga by larger florets, larger achenes, and its coastal distribution. The flavonoid pattern is chiefly flavonols, a very different pattern from that of subsp. oblonga, which is chiefly flavones.
Distribution:Espirito Santo Brazil South America| Paraná Brazil South America| Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America| Santa Catarina Brazil South America| São Paulo Brazil South America|

Common Names:Braço-do-rei, braço-forte-branco, Cambara, cipó-cambraia, guaxima-de-mangue