Monographs Details: Asterella pringlei Underw.
Authority: Bischler, Hélène, et al. 2005. Marchantiidae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 97: 1--262. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Thallus flat or slightly concave when moist, somewhat leathery, but not becoming strongly inrolled when dry, 3.5-5 mm broad, green above, purple beneath and on wavy margins; branching mostly regularly terminal dichotomies, occasionally by apical adventitious branches. Epidermal cells with thin-walled cells without trigones. Epidermal pores of 2 concentric rings of 4-6 rows of cells. Air chambers of a single layer of larger chambers above, spongy below with several layers of smaller chambers. Ventral scales purple, with 1-3 oil cells, with marginal papillae, with l(-2) large hyaline appendages, ± lanceolate but variable in shape, not constricted at base, margin of appendages entire or with 1-5 irregular teeth that also bear papillae, apex subulate. Antheridia on separate terminal branch, sometimes also on main thallus behind base of archegoniophore stalk, scattered in a loose elongate cluster of tall ostioles, not surrounded by scales, on separate terminal branch or occasionally behind base of archegoniophore. Archegoniophore borne in apical notch on main thallus, limiting growth; stalk slender, rigid, 10-15 mm long, naked and without beard at apex, in type specimen deeply cruciform and with vestigial air chambers in wings; carpocephalum rounded-hemispherical, covered with rounded tubercles, lobes 4, short, descending. Involucre broad, thin, inflated, deeply cleft, ±2-lipped. Pseudoperianth constricted at base of lobes, lobes 12-16, hyaline, remaining united at apex. Spores black or black-brown, 80-105 µm diam., sculpturing similar on distal and proximal faces, without areoles, with ca. 20 minute strongly thickened alveolae across distal face, alveolae 2-4 µm diam., wing weakly differentiated, sculptured. Elaters with 1-2 helical bands. Gametophytic chromosome number n = 9 (Tatuno 1960 for Asterella stahlii).

Distribution:Veracruz Mexico North America| Morelos Mexico North America| México Mexico North America| Jalisco Mexico North America| Chiapas Mexico North America| Nayarit Mexico North America| Jalapa Guatemala Central America| Santa Rosa Guatemala Central America| Magdalena Colombia South America|