Monographs Details: Ceratolejeunea pungens Spruce ex Steph.
Authority: Dauphin L, G. 2003. . Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 90: 1-86. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Plants dioicous, light to dark reddish brown, creeping to almost hanging, sparsely branched. Leafy shoots 1.9-3.0 mm wide, 125-190 µm in diameter, medullary cells 21-24 in cross section, ventral cells in surface view rectangular, 30-65 × 60-125 µm, dorsal cells rectangular, 45-65 × 85-90 µm. Flagelliferous branches not seen. Leaves imbricate, lobe ovate-lanceolate from a wide base, 525-850 × 975-1250 µm, apex rounded to acuminate into an awn, awn 250-360 µm, antical margin strongly toothed, with 5-8 teeth, teeth 1-7 cells long from a 2-4-celled base, 20-225 µm long, postical margin with 0-4 teeth, some teeth unicellular; median leaf cells mostly hexagonal with variable stellate to short-elliptic lumina, marginal cells 10-20 × 15-40 µm; ocelli, 25-40 × 35-70 µm, single or moniliate, 2-6 per leaf, row 125-320 µm long; oil bodies finely granular, rounded to elliptic, 2 per cell in all cells; lobules inflated or spherical frequent, forming series on branches, 0.1 the leaf lobe length, free margin plane. Utriculi frequent, in pairs at the base of lateral branches. Underleaves ovate-lanceolate, 270-520 × 400-700 µm, the margins entire or bearing a single tooth on one or both sides, lobes acute, ending in uniseriate tip one cell long, attachment to the stem forming a shallow curved line. Androecia lateral on main branches, in spikes with 4-7 pairs of bracts, spikes 780-950 µm long; bracteoles 150 × 175 µm, bifid to 1/3. Gynoecia and sporophyte not seen.

Discussion:Ceratolejeunea pungens is an unmistakable species. It can be distinguished by its relatively large size and pendulous habit, coarsely dentate leaves with multicellular teeth, and the ocelli forming a nerve oriented towards the rounded to long acuminate leaf apex.

Illustration: Fulford (1945, p. 374).

Distribution:Colombia South America| Chocó Colombia South America| Ecuador South America| Chimborazo Ecuador South America| Esmeraldas Ecuador South America| Pastaza Ecuador South America|