Monographs Details: Pseudo-calliergon
Authority: Hedenäs, Lars. 2003. Amblystegiaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 89: 1--107. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Pseudo-calliergon
Synonyms:Pseudo-calliergon turgescens (Limpr.) Loeske
Description:Genus Description - Plants medium-sized to large, sometimes turgid; green, brownish green, yellowish, or yellow brown, often with a golden gloss when dry. Stem unbranched to irregularly pinnately branched ± in one plane; central strand present; hyalodermis absent; pseudoparaphyllia foliose; paraphyllia absent; rhizoids smooth, slightly branched; rhizoids or rhizoid initials on stem at or just below leaf insertions; axillary hairs with 1-2(-3) upper early yellowish or brownish cells, and usually a comparatively elongate apical cell. Stem leaves ± erect and straight and then mostly imbricate (outside the area falcate (gradually curved) from erect or erect-patent base), ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovate, narrowing abruptly to apex (outside the area narrowing gradually to abruptly), not plicate, slightly to strongly concave, decurrent or not; apex broadly rounded, apiculate (outside the area short-or long-acuminate); margin plane, entire or finely denticulate; costa single and ending in midleaf or higher up, or double and short; median laminal cells linear, unistratose, thin-walled or incrassate, eporose or porose, smooth (outside the area having upper cells that are sometimes distally and abaxially partially prorate); alar cells quadrate to long-rectangular, with yellow walls when mature, thin-walled to strongly incrassate, eporose or porose, inflated or slightly inflated; alar group indistinctly delimited, transverse-triangular or sometimes in a single transverse basal row (P. trifarium). Branch leaves smaller than stem leaves; proximal branch leaves broad, with broadly rounded or apiculate point. Dioicous. Perigonial leaves narrowing gradually or abruptly from broad basal part to broadly acute or acuminate apex. Inner perichaetial leaves narrowing gradually or abruptly to acuminate or short-acuminate apex, plicate; margin at shoulder not or indistinctly bordered, strongly denticulate or with single teeth; margin below shoulder entire or partially denticulate; costa single or branched, ending in midleaf or somewhat above or below; laminal cells smooth; vaginula with paraphyses. Calyptra naked. Seta long, reddish; capsule cylindrical, curved, horizontal or inclined; annulus separating; operculum conical. Exostome well developed; teeth cross-striolate on outer surface below; margin weakly dentate above. Endostome well developed or with somewhat narrow segments; basal membrane high; segments not or narrow-perforate. Spores 10.5-18.0 Jim, finely papillose. [Sporophytes not known from neotropical material.]

Distribution:Colombia South America|