Monographs Details: Conardia compacta (Müll.Hal.) H.Rob.
Authority: Hedenäs, Lars. 2003. Amblystegiaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 89: 1--107. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Hypnum serpens var. compactum Hook., Hypnum compactum Müll.Hal., Amblystegium compactum (Müll.Hal.) Austin, Rhynchostegiella compacta (Müll.Hal.) Loeske
Discussion:Conardia compacta has been reported from Mexico (e.g., Delgadillo et al., 1995; Sharp et al., 1994). It is here reported from Guatemala as well. The species is easily recognized by its small size (stem leaves 0.61.1 mm long), the often strongly denticulate basal margin of the leaf, and the usually distinct alar cell group. It differs from other small pleurocarpous mosses with single costae, such as Amblystegium species, in its relatively large axillary hairs with short upper cells (Fig. 22E); its much-branched, warty-papillose rhizoids, which are often inserted on the back of the leaf costa; and in the frequent occurrence of rhizoid initials, rhizoids, or gemmae near the leaf apex.
Distribution:Mexico North America| Baja California Mexico North America| Puebla Mexico North America| Guatemala Central America| Quezaltenango Guatemala Central America| San Marcos Guatemala Central America|