Monographs Details: Amblystegium radicale (P.Beauv.) Mitt.
Authority: Hedenäs, Lars. 2003. Amblystegiaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 89: 1--107. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Amblystegium saxatile Schimp., Hypnum hygrophilum Jur., Hypnum radicale P.Beauv., Campylium radicale (P.Beauv.) Grout, Leptodictyum radicale (P.Beauv.) Kanda, Amblystegium saxatile Schimp.
Description:Species Description - Plants small (outside the area sometimes larger); green or yellow green. Stem irregularly or irregularly pinnately branched in one plane; central strand present, slender; pseudoparaphyllia triangular or narrow-triangular; paraphyllia sometimes present, narrow-lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate; axillary hairs with l-3(-4)-celled upper part, this hyaline when young. Stem leaves 0.70.9 mm long (outside the area sometimes longer), erect-patent to spreading, straight or somewhat squarrose, cordate or triangular-ovate, narrowing gradually or ± abruptly to apex, constricted at insertion, plane or slightly concave, narrow- or sometimes broad-decurrent (25-)35-50% of way down to leaf below; acumen channeled or shallowly so, the apex acuminate; margin finely or very finely denticulate, near insertion entire; costa single, ending 45-60% of way up leaf, 25.0-31.5 µm wide at base; median laminal cells 23.5-65.0 × 6.0-10.5(-11.5) µm, slightly incrassate, eporose or indistinctly porose; alar cells rectangular or short-rectangular, inflated, the widest cells to (10.0-) 18.0-25.0 |nm wide; alar group indistinctly delimited, broadly ovate or transverse-triangular, extending from leaf margin ca. 65% of distance to leaf middle at insertion, sometimes forming a concavity. Branch leaves sometimes subcomplanate. Inner perichaetial leaves narrowing abruptly to acuminate apex, plicate. Exostome outside cross-striolate in lower part. [Sporophytes not known from neotropical material.]

Discussion:Amblystegium radicale has been recorded from Mexico and Ecuador (e.g., Churchill, 1994; Delgadillo et al., 1995). I have not seen any correctly identified material from Ecuador. Among the Amblystegium species, A. radicale is recognized by its frequently cordate leaves with a ± channeled acumen, a costa ending somewhere in midleaf, and leaves that are decurrent (25-)35-50% of the way down to the leaf below. The plant often has a "Campylium-like" habit, that is, somewhat squarrose leaves in at least part of the shoots.

Illustrations: Crum & Anderson (1981: p. 955), Nyholm (1965: p. 491).

Distribution:Mexico North America| Chiapas Mexico North America| Guanajuato Mexico North America|