Monographs Details: Dorstenia cayapia Vell. subsp. cayapia
Authority: Berg, Cornelius C. 2001. Moreae, Artocarpeae, and (Moraceae): With introductions to the family and and with additions and corrections to Flora Neotropica Monograph 7. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 83: 1-346. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Dorstenia pachecoleoneana Machado, Dorstenia pseudo-opifera Hassl.
Description:Subspecies Description - Stem only with short internodes. Lamina normally ovate to cordiform, ca. 2-1.5 times longer than broad, entire (or occasionally 3-lobed), to 15(-17) cm long, to 7(-13) cm broad, usually variegated; margin usually coarsely crenate-dentate to sinuate or sublobate; upper surface smooth, glabrous or with sparse minute conical hairs; lateral veins 4-7(-8), often faintly loop-connected; petiole to 15(-25) cm long; stipules to 0.5 cm long. Receptacle (0.5-)1-2 cm diam.

Discussion:The distribution of subsp. cayapia largely matches that of eastern Brazilian Dorstenia species associated with rain forest, whereas the other subspecies are associated with open vegetation, such as cerrado or savanna, or also secondary growth. This subspecies is, moreover, distinct in the variegated lamina.
Distribution:Brazil South America| Bahia Brazil South America| Espirito Santo Brazil South America| Minas Gerais Brazil South America| Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America| São Paulo Brazil South America|