Monographs Details: Maclura tinctoria (L.) D.Don ex Steud. subsp. tinctoria
Authority: Berg, Cornelius C. 2001. Moreae, Artocarpeae, and (Moraceae): With introductions to the family and and with additions and corrections to Flora Neotropica Monograph 7. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 83: 1-346. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Broussonetia plumeri Spreng., Fusticus vera Raf., Fusticus tataiba Raf., Chlorophora mollis Fernald, Chlorophora tinctoria (L.) Gaudich. ex Benth., Morus zanthoxylon L., Fusticus zanthoxylon (L.) Raf., Broussonetia xanthoxylon Mart., Maclura tinctoria var. xanthoxylon (L.) Bureau, Maclura xanthoxylon Endl., Chlorophora tinctoria var. zanthoxylon (L.) Hassl., Chlorophora tinctoria subsp. zanthoxylon (L.) Hassl., Maclura plumeri (Spreng.) Steud. ex D.Don, Morus plumiera Steud., Maclura sempervirens Ten., Maclura chlorocarpa Liebm., Maclura tinctoria var. chlorocarpa (Liebm.) Bureau, Maclura polyneura Miq., Maclura tinctoria var. polyneura (Miq.) Bureau, Chlorophora tinctoria subsp. zanthoxylon (L.) Hassl., Chlorophora tinctoria var. zanthoxylon (L.) Hassl., Maclura affinis Miq., Maclura tinctoria var. affinis (Miq. ex Mart.) Bureau, Chlorophora tinctoria var. affinis (Miq.) Hassl., Maclura subintegerrima Miq., Maclura tinctoria var. subintegerrima (Miq.) Bureau, Maclura velutina Blume, Maclura sieberi Blume, Maclura tinctoria var. subintegerrima (Miq.) Bureau, Maclura tinctoria var. subcuneata Bureau, Maclura tinctoria var. chlorocarpa (Liebm.) Bureau, Maclura tinctoria var. ovata Bureau, Chlorophora tinctoria var. ovata (Bureau) Chodat, Maclura tinctoria var. xanthoxylon (L.) Bureau, Chlorophora mollis Fernald, Chlorophora tinctoria var. acuminatissima Huber
Description:Subspecies Description - Tree, to 30 m tall, or shrub. Lamina elliptic to oblong, sometimes to subcordiform or to lanceolate, 1.5-15(-20) × 1-7(-8.5) cm; apex often long-acuminate; upper surface usually smooth; lower surface often subglabrous; smaller veins often plane beneath; petiole 0.2-1.5(-2) cm long. Staminate inflorescences: peduncle 0.2-2 cm long; spike 2-13 cm long. Pistillate inflorescences: peduncle to l(-2) cm long; head 0.30.6 cm diam., to 1.5 cm diam, in fruit; tepals and bracts at the apex densely white-puberulous to short-velutinous; stigma 6-10(-18) mm long.

Discussion:Label annotations indicate that the species is introduced in Guyana. However, judging from the distribution of the species, its presence in Guyana could be natural.

This subspecies shows a broad ecological amplitude, ranging from humid forest to dry thickets. Most peculiar is the presence of the subspecies in early stages of the succession into várzea forest along the Amazon River (and some southern tributaries in the upper part of the river basin) as can be seen in the distribution map.

In the upper Amazon Basin the latex is used to cure toothache; Jívaro Indians apply the sap to inflicted teeth, which then corrode and can be easily extracted (W. H. Lewis, pers. comm.). The yellow wood is durable and used for construction and furniture. The species is locally cultivated for the fruits.

Distribution and Ecology: From Mexico and the West Indies to eastern Brazil and Argentina, in northern South America eastwards possibly to northwestern Guyana and along the Amazon River, eastwards to Para (Brazil); in primary or secondary humid to dry forest, in the Amazon Basin in seasonally inundated (tahuampa or varzea) forest, in eastern Brazil in restinga, and in Argentina in subtropical forest; to 1600(-2700)m.

Distribution:Mexico North America| Campeche Mexico North America| Chiapas Mexico North America| Hidalgo Mexico North America| Oaxaca Mexico North America| Quintana Roo Mexico North America| San Luis Potosí Mexico North America| Sinaloa Mexico North America| Tabasco Mexico North America| Tamaulipas Mexico North America| Veracruz Mexico North America| Yucatán Mexico North America| Belize Central America| Corozal Belize Central America| San Andrés y Providencia Colombia South America| Cayo Belize Central America| Guatemala Central America| Chiquimula Guatemala Central America| El Progreso Guatemala Central America| Escuintla Guatemala Central America| Huehuetenango Guatemala Central America| Izabal Guatemala Central America| Jutiapa Guatemala Central America| Petén Guatemala Central America| Retalhuleu Guatemala Central America| Santa Rosa Guatemala Central America| Suchitepéquez Guatemala Central America| Zacapa Guatemala Central America| La Libertad El Salvador Central America| La Paz El Salvador Central America| La Unión El Salvador Central America| Santa Ana El Salvador Central America| San Miguel El Salvador Central America| San Salvador El Salvador Central America| Sonsonate El Salvador Central America| Honduras Central America| Comayagua Honduras Central America| Copán Honduras Central America| Cortés Honduras Central America| El Paraíso Honduras Central America| Islas de la Bahía Honduras Central America| Choluteca Honduras Central America| Morazán Honduras Central America| Olancho Honduras Central America| Santa Bárbara Honduras Central America| Valle Colombia South America| Yoro Honduras Central America| Nicaragua Central America| Boaco Nicaragua Central America| Carazo Nicaragua Central America| Chinandega Nicaragua Central America| Chontales Nicaragua Central America| Estelí Nicaragua Central America| Granada Nicaragua Central America| León Nicaragua Central America| Managua Nicaragua Central America| Masaya Nicaragua Central America| Matagalpa Nicaragua Central America| Nueva Segovia Nicaragua Central America| Rivas Nicaragua Central America| Costa Rica South America| Alajuela Costa Rica Central America| Guanacaste Costa Rica Central America| Puntarenas Costa Rica Central America| San José Costa Rica Central America| Panama Central America| Darién Panamá Central America| Chiriquí Panamá Central America| Herrera Panama Central America| Los Santos Panama Central America| Panamá Panama Central America| Cuba South America| La Habana Cuba South America| Matanzas Cuba South America| Oriente Cuba South America| Piñar del Río Cuba South America| Jamaica South America| Saint Andrew Jamaica South America| Saint Ann Jamaica South America| Saint Elizabeth Jamaica South America| Saint Mary Jamaica South America| Saint Thomas Jamaica South America| Westmoreland Jamaica South America| Cayman Islands South America| Grand Cayman Cayman Islands South America| Haiti South America| Dominican Republic South America| Barahona Dominican Republic South America| Azua Dominican Republic South America| Puerto Rico South America| Bayamón Puerto Rico South America| Cayey Puerto Rico South America| Guánica Puerto Rico South America| Vieques Puerto Rico South America| Saint Croix Virgin Islands of the United States South America| Saint Thomas Virgin Islands of the United States South America| Martinique South America| Saint Lucia South America| Saint Vincent and the Grenadines South America| Grenada South America| Barbados South America| Curaçao South America| Colombia South America| Amazonas Colombia South America| Antioquia Colombia South America| Atlántico Colombia South America| Bolívar Colombia South America| Boyacá Colombia South America| Caldas Colombia South America| Caquetá Colombia South America| César Colombia South America| Cundinamarca Colombia South America| Huila Colombia South America| Magdalena Colombia South America| Norte de Santander Colombia South America| Santander Colombia South America| Tolima Colombia South America| Valle Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Apure Venezuela South America| Aragua Venezuela South America| Barinas Venezuela South America| Bolívar Venezuela South America| Carabobo Venezuela South America| Cojedes Venezuela South America| Distrito Federal Venezuela South America| Falcón Venezuela South America| Guárico Venezuela South America| Lara Venezuela South America| Mérida Venezuela South America|

Common Names:mora or moral, moro de la tierra, mora or moral, mora, Chinanadega, Estelí, mora, mora, moro, mora, fustete or fustic, fustic, escambrón de madeira, fustic, mora, palo de mora, bois d’orange, fustic, mora, paloe doesje, incira, mora, dinde, mora, palo de mora, fustic, sota, moral fino, moral, leilapo, sota, sota, moreira, amarillo, encira, incira, insira, insira caspi, insira amarilla, limulona, moral, tsójanki, insira caspi, insira amarilla, sota, limão-rana, amora branca, amoreira, moreira, moreira amarela