Monographs Details: Pavonia ramboi Krapov. & Cristóbal
Authority: Fryxell, Paul A. 1999. Cavanilles (Malvaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 76: 1-284. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Shrubs 1.5 m tall, the stems decumbent to ascending, coarsely stellate-pubescent, the hairs 1-2 mm long. Leaf blades lance-ovate to oblong-elliptic, mostly 3-6 x l-2.5(-3) cm, basally truncate to subcuneate, serrate, acute, palmately 3-5-nerved, the upper surface with appressed simple and bifurcate hairs 2 mm long, the lower surface with stellate hairs 2-3 mm diam.; petioles 6-12 mm long; stipules narrowly lanceolate, 9-14 mm long, hirsute. Flowers solitary in the leaf axils but often terminally crowded, the pedicels 1 cm long or less; involucellar bracts 5, lanceolate, 9-10 x 1-2 mm, ciliate; calyx 9-12 mm long, ciliate (hairs 1-2 mm long), the lobes with reddish venation; corolla 12-15(-20) mm long, whitish with dark red center and purplish veins; staminal column 5-6 mm long, reddish; styles exserted from column, reddish. Fruits ca. 8 mm diam., slightly pubescent or subglabrous; mericarps 5 mm long, prominently rugulose, apically acute, with 3 prominent excrescences on each side.

Discussion:The reddish venation of the calyx lobes and the whitish corolla distinguish Pavonia ramboi from the other members of P. subsect. Lebretonia.
Distribution:Brazil South America| Rio Grande do Sul Brazil South America|