Monographs Details: Pavonia repens Fryxell
Authority: Fryxell, Paul A. 1999. Cavanilles (Malvaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 76: 1-284. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Pavonia repens Fryxell
Description:Species Description - Perennial herbs, procumbent and rooting at the nodes, the stems pilose, hairs 1.5-3 mm long, and with understory of minute stellate hairs. Leaf blades angulately flabelliform, deeply cordate, dentate to subentire, subacute to obtuse, 2-3 x 3.5-5 cm, palmately 7-9-nerved, stellate-pubescent; petioles to 3.5 cm long (usually longer than the blade); stipules 3-5 mm long, usually 2-3-parted. Flowers solitary in the leaf axils, the pedicels 6.5-10 cm long (exceeding the leaves); involucellar bracts 13-15, linear, 15-20 mm long, more or less arcuate, ciliate, the hairs 2 mm long; calyx 8- 10 mm long, pubescent and ciliate; corolla 2.5-3 cm long, color not known, externally subglabrous; staminal column ca. 8 mm long, the filaments 1-2 mm long, the pollen reddish; styles long-exserted from the column, subequal to the petals, united below, free for distal 1.5-2 mm, the stigmas villous. Fruits unknown.

Discussion:Pavonia repens is distinguished from other members of P. sect. Cancellaria by its repent habit, its distinctive stipules, and its flabelliform, long-petiolate leaves.
Distribution:Brazil South America| Bahia Brazil South America|