Monographs Details: Cassia rigidifolia Benth. var. rigidifolia
Authors:Howard S. Irwin, Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Irwin, Howard S. & Barneby, Rupert C. 1978. Monographic studies in Cassia (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae). III. Sections Absus and Grimaldia. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 30: 1-300.
Synonyms:Cassia poiretioides Hoehne
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Cerrado, especially at margins of gallery forest, 400-800m, s.-w. Goias (Sa. Dourada and vicinity) w. (interruptedly) through centr. Mato Grosso (Sa. Azul; Rio Verde; Cuiaba) to the Branco (Calixi) fork of Rio Guapore on the Mato Grosso-Rondonia border, and Serrania de Santa Cruz in s.-e. corner of Bolivia. - Fl. V-IX. "Habitat locis saxosis Serra da Chapada: Riedel."

Species Description - Glabrous except for minutely ciliolate bracts and bracteoles, or the axes of inflorescence and buds finely minutely villosulous, nowhere viscid (the ovary exceptionally setulose). Lfts 2-5 pairs, mostly 2-6 x 1.2-2.5 cm, the majority obviously longer than wide and ovate to broadly oblong-elliptic. — Collections: 17.


In his revision of Cassia, Bentham (1871, p. 563) mistakenly credited C. rigidifolia to Minas Gerais, but Riedel's Serra da Chapada is situated according to the itinerary given by Urban in Fl. Brasiliensis, in central Mato Grosso, close to the modern town of Cuiaba.

Distribution:Mato Grosso Brazil South America| Rondônia Brazil South America| Brazil South America| Santa Cruz Bolivia South America| Bolivia South America|