Monographs Details: Mimosa lanuginosa var. lanuginosa
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1991. Sensitivae Censitae. A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 65: 1-835.
Synonyms:Mimosa lanuginosa Glaz. ex Burkart
Description:Variety Description - Characters as given in key to varieties.

Distribution and Ecology - In cerrado and campo limpo, often on red sandy soils, 750-1100 m, locally plentiful in the upper basin of rio S. Bartolomeu, within a radius of some 30 km of central Brasília, D.F., extending w. in the Distrito to the sources of rio Descoberto, and outside the Distrito w. to the head of rio Corumbá, and s. to the Contraforte Geral in s.-e. Goiás (mun. Ipameri).—Fl. IV-VIII, the defoliate sticklike stems sometimes regenerating in the wet season and flowering a second time.





Distribution:Brazil South America| Goiás Brazil South America| Distrito Federal Brazil South America|