Monographs Details: Mimosa dolens subsp. dolens var. dolens
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1991. Sensitivae Censitae. A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 65: 1-835.
Synonyms:Mimosa dolens Vell., Mimosa trachycephala Benth., Mimosa insidiosa Benth., Mimosa meticulosa var. major
Description:Variety Description - Stems stout erect, simple or distally branched, including inflorescence l-2(-2.5) m, hispid, viscid and remotely prickly (some branches rarely unarmed); indumentum of four independently variable elements: i) stout horizontal infranodal aculei to 2-5 mm, sometimes extending to back of lf-stks; ii) plain erect setae to 0.7-2 on stems, back of lf-stks, and inflorescence-axes intermixed with iii) gland-tipped setulae to 0.3-0.7 mm, and often iv) minute gray puberulence; stipules 3.5-11.5 x (0.8-)l-2.5 mm, coarsely 3-6- nerved; leaf-stalks (1-)1.5-3.5 cm x 0.7-1.2 mm; rachis of longer pinnae (5—)5.5—14.5 cm, their lfts 10-16-, in rare lower cauline lvs to 19-jug., the blades facially glabrous or on dorsal face thinly setose or puberulent, callous-marginate and serrately ciliolate, the longer ones (16-)20-30 x 6-14 mm; peduncles (l-)2(-3)-nate, (1-) 1.5-4.5 (-5) cm, or the precocious terminal one subsessile; capitula without filaments 8-11 mm diam.; calyx-tube shallowly campanulate 0.35-0.5 mm, the rim usually densely setose with filiform or subdilated setae to 1-1.5 mm, but these sometimes few and only on adaxial side; corolla 3.6-4.5 mm.

Distribution and Ecology - In cerrado, campo, and campo rupestre, 700-1700 m, apparently rather common along and near the crest of Sa. do Espinhaço s.-ward from Diamantina in centr. and s. Minas Gerais, thence w. through Sa. da Mantiqueira and inner slope of Sa. do Mar into n.-e. Paraná; apparently disjunct w.-ward, at head of rio Araguari in w. Minas Gerais (Araxá), in cerrado at 1000 m on the sources of rio Corumbá in s.-w. comer of Distrito Federal and adj. Goiás, and in the Paraná basin in s. Mato Grosso do Sul (Nova Andradina).— Fl. (XI-)XII-III.


Note: J. Semir & al. 663 (F), an imperfect specimen collected in cerrado at 850 m, 17 km n.-w. of Piumhi in s.-w. Minas Gerais, suggests an undescribed variety of subsp. dolens characterized by leaves hispid on both faces, small hispid capitula (at anthesis, without filaments 8 mm diam.), and well developed pappiform calyx (±2.2 mm, the tube 0.8 mm, the setae to 1.4 mm). The terminal capitulum that is the signature of the whole species M. dolens is lacking, but the apically dehiscent pods crowded into spherical clusters are typical of it.

Note: Specimens of var. dolens from S. Paulo were distributed by F. C. Hoehne (1550, BM; 1768, GH; 4749, GH) under the name "Af. dolens var. minus-armata." I have failed to trace a publication.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Minas Gerais Brazil South America| Paraná Brazil South America| Goiás Brazil South America| Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil South America|