Monographs Details: Dalea melantha var. cineracea Barneby
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1977. Daleae Imagines, an illustrated revision of Errazurizia Philippi, Psorothamnus Rydberg, Marine Liebmann, and Dalea Lucanus emen. Barneby, including all species of Leguminosae tribe Amorpheae Borissova ever referred to Dalea. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 27: 1-892.
Description:Species Description - Like var. melantha in habit, but differing in the gray-silky leaves, more numerous leaflets, and internally silky bracts. — Collection: 1 (typus).

Distribution and Ecology - Ledges of andesitic cliff-face, ± 1830 m (6100 ft), known only from near the crest of Sierra Madre Oriental in n. Oaxaca. — Flowering in November and doubtless through the winter.

Latin Diagnosis - Dalea melantha Schauer var. cineracea (ashen, of the leaves) Barneby, var. nov., a var. melantha foliis utrinque griseo-villosulis, foliolis foliorum caulinorum majorum 7-10 (nec 2-6)-jugis, bracteisque interfloralibus intus pilosulis nec glabris absimilis. - Oaxaca: rock-ledges in the oak-belt, mountains e. of Teotitlan del Camino, Nov 18, 1966, Ripley & Barneby 14,727.


(Plate CXVII)

The combination of many leaflets and gray pubescence sets var. cineracea well apart from var. melantha, and the internally silky bracts provide an additional differential character. In the type-locality the plants formed virgate shrubs up to about 2 m tall, starting out of chinks and fissures of a cliff face, accessible only at risk of life and limb. The flowers are almost sessile, as sometimes in var. melantha. The variety differs from all forms of D. lutea in the deciduous bracts.

Distribution:Oaxaca Mexico North America|