Monographs Details: Dalea hintonii var. aldamana Barneby
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1977. Daleae Imagines, an illustrated revision of Errazurizia Philippi, Psorothamnus Rydberg, Marine Liebmann, and Dalea Lucanus emen. Barneby, including all species of Leguminosae tribe Amorpheae Borissova ever referred to Dalea. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 27: 1-892.
Description:Species Description - Taller than the 2 foregoing, the virgate stems branching distally into an open, fewheaded panicle of spikes; main cauline leaves with subpersistent rachis but readily deciduous leaflets, up to 3.5 cm long, the 9-15 pairs of leaflets mostly elliptic, 2.5-6 mm long, the leaves near the inflorescence smaller but still with at least 5 pairs of leaflets; calyx ± 5.5 mm long. — Collections: 1 (o).

Distribution and Ecology - Grassy hillsides, ± 400 m, known only from Cerro de la Guacamaya n. of Rio Balsas, in Aldama distr., Guerrero. — Flowering November and December.

Latin Diagnosis - Dalea hintoni Sandw. var. aldamana (of Aldama, Guerrero), var. nov., ab aliis speciei formis caulibus erecto-adscendentibus virgatis tantum supra medium in paniculam apertam paucicapitatam abeuntibus, foliorum caulinorum majorum foliolis 9-15 (nec 2-9)-jugis, foliisque omnibus arete sessilibus absimilis. Aliae speciei varietates querceta vel pineta regionis submontanae, var. aldamana graminosa calida regionis inferioris incolunt.— Guerrero. Aldama distr.: among grasses on steep mountainside, 400 m, Temisco, Cerro de la Guacamaya, November 18, 1937, Ynez Mexia 8849.


(Plate CIX)

Without direct experience of the growing plant it is hazardous to interpret from pressed specimens the growth-habit of any species of Dalea. The var. aldamana appears to have virgately erect-ascending stems branching terminally into an open panicle of six or less capitate heads. The other varieties are almost certainly diffuse or weakly ascending plants in which the heads are borne solitary and terminal, in var. hintoni terminal to branches arising directly from the root-crown, in var. subbijuga to branches of the second order borne at irregular intervals along trailing suffruticose main stems. The differences in habit may be largely ecological, however, or even due to chance effect of the inadequate sample. The most striking differential character of var. aldamana other than the habit of growth is the high number of leaflets and the reduction of the petiole, the lowest pair of leaflets being borne at a point on the rachis no further from the pulvinus than from the succeeding pair. Nothing distinctive has been found in the bracts or in details of the individual flower.

Distribution:Guerrero Mexico North America| Mexico North America|