Monographs Details: Dalea capitata var. pseudo-hospes Barneby
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1977. Daleae Imagines, an illustrated revision of Errazurizia Philippi, Psorothamnus Rydberg, Marine Liebmann, and Dalea Lucanus emen. Barneby, including all species of Leguminosae tribe Amorpheae Borissova ever referred to Dalea. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 27: 1-892.
Description:Species Description - Branchlets glabrous; foliage yellow-green, the leaflets up to 4 mm long, punctate both sides; spikes 5-12-flowered, the axis elongating; petals gland-tipped, the keel 7.3 mm, its blades 5 mm long, 2.6 mm wide; androecium ± 8 mm long. — Collections: 1 (typus).

Distribution and Ecology - On limestone gravel, ± 1920 m (6400 ft), known only from the s. foothills of Cerro Pena Nevada in Sierra Madre Oriental, near Miquihuana, s.-w. Tamaulipas. — Flowering in July, probably into fall.

Latin Diagnosis - Dalea capitata Wats. var. pseudo-hospes (simulating and mistaken for D. hospes) Barneby, var. nov., calycis labio superiori var. lupinocalyci similis sed tubo extus ad orem ciliolatum usque glaberrimo petalisque glandula subapicali praeditis aberrans. A var capitata et var. quinqueflora praeter calycis formam alienam differt: a priori tubo calycino androecioque longioribus, foliolis superne punctatis, a secunda floribus compluribus spicatis nec paucis subumbellatis necnon bracteis parvulis. — Tamaulipas. Miquihuana: on decomposed limestone at base of hills, near reservoir of Miquihuana, July 10, 1949, Stanford, Lauber & Taylor 2388.


(Plate CVI)

A little shrub, up to 4.5 dm tall, with lemon yellow flowers. The type was distributed as D. hospes, often similar in the externally glabrous calyx and yellow petals, but very different in habit and in the pedicellate flowers. The variety suggests var. quinqueflora in foliage, var. capitata in the spike, and var. lupinocalyx in the spathaceous calyx, but is distinguished from all by the glabrous calyx-tube.

Distribution:Tamaulipas Mexico North America| Mexico North America|