Monographs Details: Mimosa nuda var. ramosa (Benth.) Barneby
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1991. Sensitivae Censitae. A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 65: 1-835.
Synonyms:Mimosa glaucescens var. ramosa Benth.
Description:Variety Description - Resembling virgately erect phases of var. glaberrima in setose-ciliate stipules and setose 1ft- margin, but stems paniculately branched distally and pod completely smooth and glabrous, as that of var. nuda; larger distal lfts obliquely or subdimidiately ovate or elliptic-oblanceolate ±2.5-4 x 1-2 cm, ±2-2.5 times as long as wide.

Distribution and Ecology - In campo, probably near or above 800 m, typically developed only in upper Tocantins valley between 13°30' and 14°30'S in centr. Goiás (w. slope of Sa. Geral do Paranã w. to Sa. Dourada n.-w. of Niquelândia).—Fl. IV—VI(—?). Map 55.


From present evidence var. ramosa appears to flower in the dry season.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Tocantins Brazil South America| Goiás Brazil South America| Paraná Brazil South America|