Monographs Details: Mimosa acutistipula (Mart.) Benth. var. acutistipula
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1991. Sensitivae Censitae. A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 65: 1-835.
Synonyms:Acacia acutistipula Mart., Mimosa acutistipula (Mart.) Benth., Mimosa malacocentra var. angustifolia Benth., Mimosa arenosa (Willd.) Poir. var. arenosa
Description:Variety Description - As characterized in key to varieties.

Distribution and Ecology - In cerrado, caatinga and tabuleiro, sometimes locally abundant on valley bottoms, primarily on sandstone, ±300-750 m, scattered over both slopes of the S. Francisco valley in lat. 9°-14°30'S, from extreme w. Pernambuco upstream to s.- centr. Bahia, n.-w. to basin of rio Canindé in centr. Piauí; apparently disjunct or perhaps cultivated in s.-e. Goiás (Luizânia), whence brought into Distrito Federal, and formerly in Guanabara (=M. malacocentra var. angustifolia).—Fl. (XI-) XII-III. Map 9.



Distribution:Brazil South America| Mexico North America| Goiás Brazil South America| Bahia Brazil South America| Guanabara Brazil South America| Distrito Federal Brazil South America| Piauí Brazil South America|