Monographs Details: Chloroleucon mangense var. tetrazyx Barneby & J.W.Grimes
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. & Grimes, James W. 1996. Silk tree, guanacaste, monkey's earring: a generic system for the synandrous Mimosaceae of the Americas. Part I. Abarema, Albizia, and allies. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 74: 1-292.
Description:Variety Description - Trees ±2 m, glabrous; perules 2-2.5 mm; If-for- mula ii-iii/(3-)4, the larger lfts 15-22 x 11-14 mm. Pods ±12 x 0.75 cm. [Key] "Lfts of longer pinnae 4 pairs, the largest 11-14 mm wide;"

Distribution and Ecology - In xeromorphic scrub woodland at 200-300 m along Río Carom and affluent streams in the districts of Heres and Piar, E to foothills of Altiplanície de Nuria, state of Bolívar, Venezuela. — Map 42. [Key] "lower Caroní basin in Bolívar, Venezuela.......10f. var. tetrazyx"

Discussion:The var. tetrazyx is clearly different from var. vincentis, the form of Ch. mangense prevalent in Venezuela north of the Orinoco, in the few, very large, glabrous leaflets and in the relatively narrow pod. It has more in common with the distantly allopatric var. lentiscifolium, but even fewer and ampler leaflets.
Distribution:BolĂ­var Venezuela South America|