Monographs Details: Astragalus cusickii var. flexilipes Barneby
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. 1964. Atlas of North American Astragalus. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 13(1): 1-596.
Description:Variety Description - Usually taller and more slender than var. Cusickii; stipules at base of all but the slenderest stems connate in vernation only, early ruptured, later appearing as a low, imperfectly amplexicaul collar, the median and upper ones nearly always free from the first; racemes (3) 6—14 (18)-flowered, the axis 2.5-8.5 cm. long in fruit; calyx-tube 3.2-4.4 mm. long, 2.3-2.8 mm. in diameter, the disc 0.71 mm. deep; petals commonly pale purple, purplish-tinged, or at least with maculate keel-tip, exceptionally all white; banner mostly ovate-cuneate, 12.5-15.5 mm. long; keel 8-10 mm. long; stipe of the pod (4) 5-8 mm. long, the body 2-3 (3.5) cm. long, the delicately membranous valves often faintly mottled; ovules 10-16.

Distribution and Ecology - Habitats of var. Cusickii, 1200-1800 feet, locally abundant in the canyon of the lower Salmon River in Idaho County, Idaho, ascending the Little Salmon River just into northern Adams County.—Map No. 31.—May to July.

Distribution:Idaho United States of America North America|