Monographs Details: Albizia subdimidiata var. minor Barneby & J.W.Grimes
Authors:Rupert C. Barneby
Authority: Barneby, Rupert C. & Grimes, James W. 1996. Silk tree, guanacaste, monkey's earring: a generic system for the synandrous Mimosaceae of the Americas. Part I. Abarema, Albizia, and allies. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 74: 1-292.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - a var. subdimidiata foliis deminutis, petiolo communi 1.5-5 (nec 6-20) cm usque, petiolo vero vix 3 (nec 3-7) cm, pinnarum (2-3-jugarum) longiorum rachi 3-5.5 (nec 5-11) cm, foliolisque usque 11-14 (nec 16-29) mm longis diversa.

Variety Description - Trees 5-8 m; other characters of the species, except as modified in key and protologue. [Key] "Lvs smaller in all parts, the longer lf-stks 1.5-5 cm, the petiole 1.5-3.2 cm x 0.7-0.9 mm, the rachis of longer pinnae 3-5.5 cm, the longer interfoliolar segments 3-6 mm; larger lfts 11-14 x 3-5 mm;"

Distribution and Ecology - In seasonally flooded savanna and at forest margins or on stream banks, 100-450 m, apparently localized on the upper Río Branco in N state of Roraima, Brazil (Maracá), and in the middle and upper Essequibo basin in W-centr and SW Guyana. -Map 61. — Fl. IX-X(-?).

Discussion:The typus of var. minor was referred by Sandwith to Pithecolobium multiflorum (sensu Bentham), and in isolation might pass for an incidental small-leaved form of it. But three further collections from the same general region confirm that there is something more to var. minor than fortuitous dwarfing of the foliage.
Distribution:Roraima Brazil South America| Guyana South America|