Monographs Details: Cassia sect. Grimaldia
Authors:Howard S. Irwin, David J. Rogers
Authority: Irwin, Howard S. & Barneby, Rupert C. 1978. Monographic studies in Cassia (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae). III. Sections Absus and Grimaldia. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 30: 1-300.

II. CASSIA sectio GRIMALDIA (Schrank) Irwin & Barneby

Cassia subgen. Lasiorhegma sect. Grimaldia (Schrank) Irwin & Barneby, stat. nov. Grimaldia (in honor of countess Clelia Durazzo Grimaldi of Genoa, an enthusiastic gardener) Schrank, Bot. Zeit. (Regensb.) 4: 184. 1805, pro gen. — Generitypus: Grimaldia opifera (helpful, for supposed medicinal virtue) Schrank = Cassia absus Linnaeus.

Characters as given in subgeneric synopsis and sectional key above (p. 2).

One circumtropical species, monocarpic and variable, with two varieties in the Americas, one extending n. along the w. slope of the Mexican Plateau into warm temperate United States.