Monographs Details: Condaminea glabrata DC.
Authority: Delprete, Piero G. 1999. Rondeletieae (Rubiaceae). Part I. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 77: 1-226. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Condaminea glabrata DC.
Discussion:De Candolle (1830) described this species as having bilobed stipules (which is characteristic of Condaminea) with rounded-obtuse lobes (which exclude it from Condaminea), and inflorescences with glomerulate flowers (which exclude it from Condaminea). Standley (1936) might have overlooked this species, since it was not cited in his treatment of Peruvian Rubiaceae. The type specimens were reportedly annotated by Bartling as "Macrocnemum (?) glabratum in Herb. Haenke" and published in Condaminea by de Candolle (1830). The identity of this species cannot be ascertained from the brief description presented by de Candolle (1830) (no types were found at G, and PR material was not available), and it can only be concluded that it is not a Condaminea.
Distribution:Peru South America| Huánuco Peru South America|