Monographs Details: Mouriri myrtilloides (Sw.) Poir. subsp. myrtilloides
Authority: Morley, Thomas. 1976. Melastomataceae tribe Memecyleae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 15: 1-295. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Mouriri myrtilloides (Sw.) Poir., Petaloma myrtilloides Sw.
Description:Description - Plants glabrous; petioles 0.3-1.3 mm long; blades (23-)36-150 times as long as the petiole, (1.6-)2-3.7 times as long as wide; true pedicels 0.7-2.0 mm long; free part of calyx lobes 0.7-1.3 mm long; calyx length from stamen attachment 1.5-2.1 mm; petals 3.2-5.9 mm long, 1.8-4.1 mm wide, 1.1-2.4 times as long as wide; anther sporangia 1.1-1.7 mm long.

Discussion:The plants from Jamaica and Haiti appear at first glance to be morphologically distinct, to judge by blade and petiole lengths. Moreover, a slight difference is detectable in the shape of the foliar sclereids. Those examined from Jamaica in most cases have central bodies 1-2 times as long as wide with a tendency to be rounded, while those from Haiti have bodies ca 1.5-3 times as long as wide and are not particularly rounded. However, there is considerable overlap, and only three collections from Haiti are known to me, so varietal status is withheld for the moment. See Morley, 1971.
Distribution:Jamaica South America| Haiti South America|