Monographs Details: Agarista niederleinii (Sleumer) Judd var. niederleinii
Authority: Luteyn, James L., et al. 1995. Ericaceae, Part II. The Superior-Ovaried Genera (Monotropoideae, Pyroloideae, Rhododendroideae, and Vaccinioideae P.P.). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 66: 560. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Leucothoë niederleinii Sleumer
Description:Variety Description - Leaves with petiole 1.5-4.5 mm long; blade 0.6-2.8 × 0.3-0.9, flat to moderately abaxially curved, apex usually obtuse- to rounded- or retuse-mucronate, margin plane to revolute. Inflorescences to 1.5-3.5(-4.5) cm long; bracteoles narrowly triangular to linear.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Paraná Brazil South America| Rio Grande do Sul Brazil South America| Santa Catarina Brazil South America|