Monographs Details: Lyonia glandulosa var. revolutifolia Judd
Authority: Luteyn, James L., et al. 1995. Ericaceae, Part II. The Superior-Ovaried Genera (Monotropoideae, Pyroloideae, Rhododendroideae, and Vaccinioideae P.P.). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 66: 560. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Lyonia glandulosa subsp. revolutifolia (Judd) Borhidi
Description:Variety Description - Twigs slightly to densely pubescent. Leaf blades elliptic to narrowly so (narrowly obovate), 1-4 (-5.5) × 0.3-1 (-1.7) cm, usually slightly to strongly recurved; base narrowly to broadly cuneate to rounded; apex acute to rounded; margin slightly to strongly re volute; midvein depressed, at least a few 2° veins per leaf slightly to strongly depressed. Pedicels sparsely to moderately pubescent.


Distribution and Ecology: (Fig. 20C). Cuba, prov. Oriente, chiefly in Sierra de Micara, Cristal, and Moa, and limonite plateau near Moa, but also few collections from Sierra de Nipe. Thickets, stream sides, open pinelands of Pinus cubensis, on reddish lateritic soils developed through weathering of underlying serpentine rocks; ca. 300-1100 m elev. Vegetation of Moa plateau described in Leon (1941, 1946), Marie-Victorin (1942), Alain (1946a), Webster and Jervis (1952), Marie-Victorin and León (1956), and Borhidi and Muñiz (1986). Flowering probably March or April to late June or early July.

Distribution:Cuba South America|