Monographs Details: Sagittaria montevidensis subsp. calycina (Engelm.) Bogin
Authority: Haynes, Robert R. & Holm-Nielsen, Laurtiz B. 1994. The Alismataceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 64: 1-228. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Sagittaria calycina Engelm., Sagittaria calycina var. fluitans Engelm., Sagittaria calycina var. maxima Engelm., Sagittaria calycina var. media Engelm., Sagittaria calycina var. grandis Engelm., Lophiocarpus calycinus (Engelm.) Micheli, Lophotocarpus calycinus (Engelm.) Micheli, Lophiocarpus calycinus (Engelm.) Micheli, Lophotocarpus calycinus (Engelm.) Micheli, Lophotocarpus californicus J.G.Sm., Lophotocarpus depauperatus J.G.Sm., Lophotocarpus fluitans (Engelm.) J.G.Sm., Sagittaria calycina Engelm. ex Torr.
Discussion:Bracts free. Staminate flowers with ring of sterile carpels. Carpellate flowers with corollas without purple spot at base; gynoecium with ring of sterile stamens.

This taxon is not known to be cultivated.
Distribution:Mexico North America| United States of America North America|