Monographs Details: Echinodorus macrophyllus (Kunth) Micheli subsp. macrophyllus
Authority: Haynes, Robert R. & Holm-Nielsen, Laurtiz B. 1994. The Alismataceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 64: 1-228. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Alisma macrophyllum Kunth
Description:Subspecies Description - Leaves with petioles glabrous. Inflorescence with rachis glabrous.

Discussion:Sold under the German commercial name "Reisenblaettriger wasserwegerich" ("Reisen"= travel, twig, brushwood-leaf rich waterplantain," transl.). The species is propagation by root runners, and is best cultivated in a large aquarium in clean water on a poor substrate. The species grows well in both tropical and cold water aquariums (De Wit, 1971; Mühlberg, 1980).
Distribution:Guyana South America| Brazil South America| Bahia Brazil South America| Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil South America| Minas Gerais Brazil South America| Paraná Brazil South America| Roraima Brazil South America| Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America| Pernambuco Brazil South America| Bolivia South America|