Monographs Details: Nectandra
Authority: Rohwer, Jens G. 1993. Lauraceae: . Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 60: 1-332. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Nectandra Rol. ex Rottb.
Synonyms:Damburneya, Ocotea
Description:Genus Description - Trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate or rarely opposite, entire, penninerved, glabrous or covered with simple, unicellular hairs. Inflorescences thyrso-paniculate, rarely botryoid. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic, trimerous, 3-17 mm in diam. Tepals six, equal or the inner three slightly smaller, united at the very base or apparently free (but usually falling off as a ring after anthesis), papillose on the inside surface, usually white, sometimes yellowish or greenish, rarely pink. Stamens nine, in three whorls of three, sessile or with distinct filaments, at least apically usually papillose, often with a ± triangular, sterile apex, the outer six ± equal, sometimes slightly adnate to the tepals, introrse, the inner three different in shape, with a pair of glands at the base, extrorse or ± latrorse. Pollen sacs four per anther, arranged ± in a horizontal arc, rarely almost in two pairs, one above the other, opening by valves. Staminodes three, alternating with the inner stamens, usually distinct, often glandular on adaxial side, at the base often united with the inner stamens, very rarely absent or completely united with the adjacent glands. Receptacle flat to deeply urceolate, glabrous or ± hairy inside. Ovary free from the receptacle but often completely enclosed, unilocular, with a single, pendulous ovule. Fruit a one-seeded berry or drupe, usually black or brownish purple at maturity, subtended by or partially enclosed in a usually red receptacular cupule.


Specimens examined. PERU. LORETO: Prov. Coronel Portillo, Dist. Iparia, Iparia National Forest, along Rio Ucayali near Iparfa, ca. 80 km above confluence with Rio Pachitea, Tabacoa trail, W of Iparia, 250-300 m, 23 Aug 1968 (fr), J. Schunke V. 2661 (NY, US); middle Ucayali, mouth of Yarina, 150 m, 26 Nov 1923 (fl), Tessmann 3376 (type, B, G, NY, S; fragm. F)