Monographs Details: Acanthocoleus aberrans var. aberrans
Authority: Gradstein, S. Robbert. 1994. Lejeuneaceae: Ptychantheae, Brachiolejeuneae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 62: 216. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Phragmicoma acuminata Lindenb. & Gottsche, Dicranolejeunea neesiana Steph., Dicranolejeunea pulchella Herzog, Acanthocoleus fulvus R.M.Schust., Lejeunea aberrans Lindenb. & Gott, Symbiezidium aberrans (Lindenb. & Gott) Trevis., Dicranolejeunea aberrans (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Steph., Dicranolejeunea acuminata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Steph., Lejeunea aberrans var. conferta Gott
Description:Species Description - Autoicous. Plants 1-2 cm long × 0.6-1.5 mm wide, brownish. Stems ca. 0.15 mm in diam., in cross section composed of 11-12 epidermal cells surrounding numerous medullary cells, dorsal epidermal cells about as large as the ventral epidermal cells; ventral merophyte two cells wide. Leaves contiguous to imbricate, dorsal lobe ovate, 0.7-0.9 × 0.5-0.7 mm, apex apiculate to short acuminate, never rounded, margins entire to slightly toothed near apex, ventral margin forming a rather sharp angle of ca. 90-140° with the keel; median cells ca. 30-40 × 25 µm, with very small, cordate trigones; oil bodies (Schuster, 1970) small, 10-15(-25) per cell, finely segmented, Jungermannia-type, ellipsoid to subglobose, ca. 3-8 × 2-2.5 \im. Lobules ovate, up to 0.3 mm long, l/4-2/5× lobe length, never (?) reduced, keel arched, free margin with 1-2 teeth separated from each other by 3-7 margin cells, first tooth (1)2-3 cells long, inflexed, second tooth smaller, 1-2 cells long. Underleaves subimbricate, ca. 0.4 mm, 3× stem width, margins plane, insertion line arched. Androecia on short Lejeunea-type branches, spicate or capitate, bracts in 2-6 series, modified, about half the size of the leaves, lobule strongly inflated, about 1/3-2/3× bract lobe, bracteoles smaller than underleaves; (l-)2 antheridia per bract. Gynoecia with l(-2) innovations, the innovation normally sterile, bract lobes ovate-oblong, up to 0.7 mm long, apex apiculate to short acuminate, margins entire or toothed near apex with 1-5 teeth, lobule very small, sometimes reduced, keel smooth; bracteoles 0.5-0.6 mm long, margins plane. Perianths subcylindrical, up to 1 mm long × 0.5-0.6 mm wide, emergent to 1/3-1/2, with 4-5(-6) sharp keels: 2 lateral, 2(-3) ventral and 0-1 dorsal keel, the keels dentate-ciliate above, the lateral keels sometimes winged; beak 2-4 cells long.

Distribution:Mexico North America| Chiapas Mexico North America| Hidalgo Mexico North America| Guatemala Central America| Alta Verapaz Guatemala Central America| Costa Rica South America| Jamaica South America| Dominica South America| French Guiana South America|