Monographs Details: Calymperes platyloma Mitt.
Authority: Reese, William D. 1993. Calymperaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 58: 1-102. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Plants small, yellowish-green, gregarious; rhizoids light-brown; stems only to 6 mm tall. Leaves lanceolate to acuminate, ca. 3.5-5 mm long, involute and secund when dry, erect and channeled when moist, margins of upper lamina thickened, showing stereids in section, evenly serrulate by projecting cell angles, margins of lower lamina sharply and irregularly serratetoothed; teniolae lacking but leaf shoulders strongly bordered with to 16 rows of elongate, thick-walled cells; cancellinae truncate distally; median leaf cells thick-walled, rounded-rectangular to elliptic, mostly ca. 12 x 14 µm, mammillose-papillose dorsally, mammillose ventrally; gemmae infrequent, ventral on tip of costa of slightly modified leaves. Seta 3 mm long; capsule ca. 1.8 mm long; operculum ca. 0.75 mm long. Spores finely roughened, 18-22 µm. Calyptra ca. 3.5 mm long.

Discussion:This species is quite rare as it is known from only a handful of specimens, most of them collected rather recently. Its broadly bordered leaf shoulders with jagged margins are distinctive. Calymperes smithii and C. mitrafugax are somewhat similar.
Distribution:Guyana South America| Suriname South America| French Guiana South America| Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni French Guiana South America| Brazil South America| Amapá Brazil South America| Amazonas Brazil South America| Bahia Brazil South America|