Monographs Details: Syrrhopodon fimbriatus Mitt.
Authority: Reese, William D. 1993. Calymperaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 58: 1-102. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Plants very small, yellowish-green, in low, compact sods or gregarious; rhizoids purple; stems to 10 mm tall but mostly much shorter. Leaves lingulate from scarcely broader base, 1-1.5 mm long, tightly crisped when dry; margins of upper lamina narrowly bordered with hyaline cells, ciliate from below shoulders to leaf tip, or cilia lacking in distal part of leaf (cilia rarely lacking altogether and the leaves nearly or quite entire); cancellinae rounded above or sometimes narrow and acute; median leaf cells thick-walled, 5-7 x 7-12 µm, each with a single, large blunt papilla dorsally (rarely mammillose), bulging-mammillose or papillose ventrally; gemmae not seen. Seta 9 mm long; capsule ca. 1 mm long; peristome of imperfect, blunt teeth ca. 70 pm tall; operculum 0.75 mm long. Spores 14-17 pm, granular. Calyptra 1.75 mm long.

Discussion:This is a beautiful little moss, easy to recognize by its characteristic habit and small, lingulate, usually ciliate leaves. The occasional specimens whose leaves lack cilia are still easy to recognize by their appearance and leaf shape.
Distribution:Colombia South America| Amazonas Colombia South America| Meta Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Amazonas Venezuela South America| BolĂ­var Venezuela South America| Peru South America| Loreto Peru South America| Brazil South America| Acre Brazil South America| Amazonas Brazil South America|