Monographs Details: Syrrhopodon texanus Sull.
Authority: Reese, William D. 1993. Calymperaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 58: 1-102. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Plants dull, sordid, cespitose, often appearing bristly due to stiffly erect gemmiferous leaves; rhizoids scanty, reddish-brown; stems to ca. 10 mm tall. Leaves strongly dimorphic, vegetative ones linear-lanceolate from broader base, 3-5 mm long, contorted when dry, gemmiferous leaves very narrow, erect wet and dry, margins of upper lamina entire to irregularly toothed; margins of lower lamina coarsely toothed especially at shoulders, teeth often spreading-recurved; cancellinae mostly rounded distally; median leaf cells quadrate, obscure, ca. 5-10 µm, pluripapillose dorsally and ventrally; gemmae seasonally abundant, on tips of leaves. Seta 15 mm long; capsule 2.2-5 mm long; peristome teeth ca. 120 µm tall, blunt, segmented; operculum 1-1.3 mm long. Spores 12-15 pm, granular. Calyptra smooth.

Discussion:This is the only member of the Calymperaceae endemic to continental North America. It is easy to recognize by its strongly dimorphic leaves bordered all around with hyaline cells and stoutly toothed at the shoulders. This moss has not been recollected in Mexico since Pringle found it there and may no longer exist in Mexico.
Distribution:Mexico North America| Nuevo León Mexico North America|