Monographs Details: Campylopus reflexisetus (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
Authority: Frahm, Jan-Peter. 1991. Dicranaceae: Campylopodioideae, Paraleucobryoideae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 54: 1-238. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Campylopus benedictii Herzog, Campylopus ptychotheca Herzog, Dicranum reflexisetum Müll.Hal.
Description:Species Description - Slender plants in loose, greenish tufts to 6 cm high, slightly tomentose below, equally foliate. Leaves erect, spreading, 7-8 mm long, concave, narrowly lanceolate, ending in a very long, smooth subula (twice as long as the lamina). Costa filling 1/2 of the leaf base, smooth at back, excurrent, in transverse section with large ventral hyalocysts (more than half the height of the section), with dorsal stereids lacking toward the margins. Alar cells differentiated, hyaline or red-brown. Inner basal laminal cells rectangular, 38-60 × 15-18 µm, those at margins long, narrow and hyaline in 10-15 rows. Upper laminal cells elongate-oval, 20-25 × 6-8 µm Seta unusually long, to 15, rarely to 25 mm long, straight but cygneous when wet. Capsule 2 mm long, pale to dark brown in age, operculum cylindric, symmetric, long-rostrate.

Discussion:This species resembles C. densicoma in the long leaf subula, which is, however, smooth and not toothed as in C. densicoma.

Var. circinatus Theriot, Rev. Bryol. Lichénol. 11: 42. 1939 described from Bolivia (Herzog 3938, JE) differs by hamate leaves. It is probably a parallel form to C. densicoma var. yungarum. As in other hamate foliate forms in this genus, it is not known whether these are genetically distinct and require infraspecific differentiation.
Distribution:Mexico North America| Michoacán Mexico North America| Oaxaca Mexico North America| Costa Rica South America| Alajuela Costa Rica Central America| Cartago Costa Rica Central America| San José Costa Rica Central America| Colombia South America| Cundinamarca Colombia South America| Magdalena Colombia South America| Risaralda Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Mérida Venezuela South America| Trujillo Venezuela South America| Ecuador South America| Imbabura Ecuador South America| Pichincha Ecuador South America| Santiago-Zamora Ecuador South America| Peru South America| Ancash Peru South America| Bolivia South America| Cochabamba Bolivia South America| La Paz Bolivia South America| Tarija Bolivia South America| Brazil South America| Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America|