Monographs Details: Chrysophyllum marginatum (Hook. & Arn.) Radlk.
Authority: Pennington, Terence D. 1990. Sapotaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 52: 1-750. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Young shoots appressed puberulous to shortly tomentose, hairs golden or reddish-brown, becoming glabrous, grey-brown, often cracked and fissured, usually with numerous small pale lenticels. Leaves spaced, alternate and distichous or spirally arranged, 1.5-5(-9) × 0.5-2(-3.2) cm, usually elliptic, less frequently oblanceolate, lanceolate or narrowly oblong, apex acute to narrowly attenuate, rounded or emarginate, base acute, narrowly cuneate or attenuate, rarely rounded; upper surface glabrous, lower surface brown-tomentose or shortly pubescent, appressed puberulous, or glabrous; venation brochidodromous, often with a prominent marginal vein, secondary veins (8-) 10-20(-25) pairs, parallel, straight, usually impressed on the upper surface; intersecondaries long; tertiaries parallel to the secondaries and descending from the margin. Petiole 1-8 mm long, channelled, tomentose, pubescent, appressed puberulous or glabrous. Fascicles 1-30-flowered. Pedicel 1-3(-3.5) mm long, tomentose, pubescent or appressed puberulous. Flowers bisexual. Sepals five, 0.5-1 mm long, ovate, triangular or suborbicular, apex acute to rounded, outside tomentose, pubescent or appressed puberulous, often with a broad hyaline glabrous margin, inside appressed puberulous or glabrous. Corolla 1.75-2.5 mm long, tube about equalling the lobes, lobes (4-)5(-6), ovate, elliptic or suborbicular, apex rounded, sparsely sericeous on the outside of the tube or glabrous. Stamens (4-)5(-6), fixed at the top of the corolla tube or base of the lobes; filaments 2-5 mm long, glabrous; anthers 0.3-0.6 mm long, broadly ovoid or oblong, glabrous. Ovary ovoid to globose, five(-six)-locular, appressed puberulous; style 0.1-0.5 mm long after anthesis, glabrous; style-head usually minutely lobed. Fruit 0.5-1.1 cm long, 4-7 mm broad, narrowly to broadly ellipsoid or subglobose, apex and base rounded or tapering, smooth, glabrous; pericarp fleshy. Seed solitary, 4.5-8 mm long, ellipsoid with an obliquely truncated base, not or only slightly laterally compressed; testa smooth, shining, usually prominently sculptured on the adaxial face, 0.1-1 mm thick; scar broad, short, often cordate, basi-ventral; embryo with thin foliaceous cotyledons and exserted radicle, surrounded by copious endosperm.