Monographs Details: Cavendishia melastomoides (Klotzsch) Hemsl. var. melastomoides
Authority: Luteyn, James L. 1983. Ericaceae--part I. Cavendishia. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 35: 1-290. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Cavendishia klotzschiana Nied., Chupalon melastomoides (Klotzsch) Kunth, Cavendishia graebneriana Hoerold
Description:Variety Description - Rachis (3-)5-8(-15) cm long, usually scattered to densely glandular with sessile or short clavate fimbriae; floral bracts caducous, oblong, oblanceolate, 6-14 (-20.5) mm long, apically rounded or acute, never emarginate, pale green often with pinkish margins, or entire bract turning pink with age; pedicels (7-) 10-21 (-27) mm long, usually provided with glands as rachis; bracteoles lanceolate to narrowly ovate-lanceolate, glandular-callose in distal 1/3-½. Corolla viscid, (19-)26-37(-41) mm long, glabrous, distal portion often distinctly curved upwards, dark reddish-maroon; stamens 19.5-34.5 mm long; filaments glabrous, alternately 2.5-6 mm and 6-12 mm long; anthers alternately 17-32 mm and 14.5-25 mm long; style 22-40 mm long.

Distribution:Costa Rica South America| Alajuela Costa Rica Central America| Cartago Costa Rica Central America| Heredia Costa Rica Central America| San José Costa Rica Central America|