Monographs Details: Myrceugenia pilotantha (Kiaersk.) Landrum var. pilotantha
Authority: Landrum, Leslie R. 1981. A monograph of the genus Myrceugenia (Myrtaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 29: 1-137. (Published by NYBG Press)
Synonyms:Eugenia pilotantha Kiaersk., Luma pilotantha (Kiaersk.) Burret, Luma macahensis Burret, Myrceugenia miersiana var. macahensis (Burret) Legrand
Description:Variety Description - Leaves elliptic, lanceolate or ovate, 2-9.5 cm long, 0.7-3.6 cm wide, 1.8-4 times as long as wide; peduncles 1-17 mm long, 0.5-1 mm wide; bracteoles lanceolate to linear, 1.5-4 mm long, 0.5-1 mm wide, (1.6-)2-4.8 times as long as wide; calyx-lobes blunt, 1.6-3.5 mm long, 1-2.8 mm wide, 1-1.7 times as long as wide.

Discussion:Myrceugenia pilotantha var. pilotantha is a small tree to ca. 12 m high, typically growing in warm humid forests from ca. 250 to 900 m near the Atlantic coast. A map of its distribution is shown in Fig. 20. It flowers mainly from February to May and the fruits probably mature from July to September.

Aside from Myrceugenia miersiana this variety might be confused with M. rufescens, which differs in having its petioles channeled and its petals and the
Distribution:Brazil South America| Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America| São Paulo Brazil South America| Santa Catarina Brazil South America|